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Is your focus ‘right’?

You certainly Love your children, but your love is not enough, it needs a focus. But somewhere the Focus gets lost. Focus on believing the Greatness in your child and play your role knowing that it can stop the greatness.

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Indira Nooyi and Parenting | What question you should ask your child ?

Indira Nooyi’s life was molded by one question when she was a child. What was the question which Indira Nooyi’s mother asked her? Watch the video to know more…

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Love in the life of kids

The fuel which drives our children in life is Love. Love differs from child to child. Find out your child’s love needs.

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How Jijamata parented Shivaji? | Aspects of parenting

The belief of Parents on a child makes the most difference to the child than any other force on this planet. Watch a short inspirational story on how Jijamata parented Shivaji.