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The power of change


Become a creator with multiple perspectives.

Invite Power and Courage.

You should master Fear and be sitting on top of it.

Be the master of Change.

Ocean signifies vastness of life and Instability.

Vishnu sitting on the snake in the ocean signifies Life is huge, Vast, Life has no boundaries.

Life will always be unstable. There will be highs, there will be lows, There will be waves, tides. But when you conquer Fear, you are the master. That kind of a master where wealth comes and serves you. You don't have to serve anyone or anything for wealth.

Hence the three elements of Snake, Water and Lakshmi pressing the feet.

Vishnu signifies Wisdom in Life. I live my life with Wisdom.

Snake signifies change.

When I master change, Wealth serves me.

Change is a necessary in Life.


Narendra Goidani

A life coach, parenting guide, trainer and modern age philosopher, focused on inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and explore their potential.

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