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Super excited about 2018 for 3 powerful reasons

Many people describe this year as one that ran away from them. They say, they could not do enough things, to make, enough of a difference. I pray we all will do better in 2018.

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Kobe Bryant's life changing advice

On October 17th, 2017, about six minutes into his first game as a Celtic, Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury.

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Are you sure you are on the right path?

My friend Amit Varde narrated an amazing anecdote the other evening. Listening to him narrate that incident has changed my life.

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From your favourite Chimpu

Take a monkey from the wild. Name him Chimpu. Put Chimpu in a cage in a zoo. The spirited, lively Chimpu will soon lose his energy and vitality. He will start looking dull. Why?