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Why is Croatian footballer Luka Modric my hero?

“My whole career people have questioned me. They have said, I won’t make it. I wasn’t good enough for I was not big and strong. It just gave me an extra incentive. I wanted to prove them wrong”, he told the Daily Mail back then.

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Fighting a battle you know nothing about!

I was a little behind schedule. The car ahead was moving very slow. I assumed the driver must be on the phone. Now, that irritates the hell out of me. He was not giving me a clear way in spite of my generous gentle consistent honking!

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All DREAMS are about being FREE, isn’t It?

Do you too believe, your dreams are about being FREE? Is any other kind of a dream ok to have? Would love to know your thoughts…

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“Happily, the eyes are ready to close forever.”

Paintings really confused me. That which looks pretty to me is petty to the expert. That which looks ugly to me, the expert says is beautiful. That which looks confusing to me, the expert says is so expressive and clear.