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Build rapport with your child with Mad, Glad And Sad game.

It is so difficult to have a conversation with my child. He answers in just one or two words. I ask, ‘How was your day?’. He answers, ‘Ok’ or ‘All good’. And then, he gets busy on his phone. How to talk with him? What to talk with him?

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Performance of children

All parents are concerned with Performance of their children. Some people who do not know how to get child perform, become panicky and anxious. Some get lost. Our “Peak Performance” videos make performance easy, doable and necessary in life of children.

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Right Breathing - Right Living

Breathing is not just about taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, it is also about taking in force of life and releasing all that is not life enhancing.

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KMM presentation

Students are the creators of the future. They are the masters of the destiny of tomorrow’s world. We as adults and teachers have an opportunity to mold them, to enrich them, to nourish them, in order to create a future like never before!

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